What are Dentures? People between the coating, called prostheses or dentures esthetic disturbances in the elimination of various reasons, or to replace lost teeth, the person chewing, speech functions of the artificial teeth are to be made​​. Bruises in the mouth, teeth and the teeth caused by excessive harabiyete have had the result that the […]

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Implant, for various reasons, instead of lost teeth, artificial titanium tooth roots placed into the jawbone. Implants and prostheses than conventional coating provides a good speech and chewing function, your face will carry with them a natural appearance. Implant, comfortable and safe practice. The operation can be done with local anesthesia without any pain and […]

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Orthodontic tooth and jaw disorders, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Çapraşıklıkların teeth as they lose a significant aesthetic correction, oral and dental health also contributes to many. Early assessment and timely detection of problems and also provides the opportunity for the most effective treatment. For this reason, your child before the age of 7 I have […]

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