Fibrocell is a revolutionary skin treatment designed to smooth wrinkles and nose-to-mouth lines. The treatment uses your body’s own cells to rejuvenate your skin — ultimately creating new collagen.

This avoids allergic reactions, eliminates the need for injections, and best of all requires fewer treatments that last significantly longer.

What to expect from Fibrocell?

Fibrocell treatment is simple treatment. Your initial consultation with one of aesthetic doctors of ESTEVIP will determine how you will best benefit from Fibrocell. The cosmetic specialist will be able to help you set realistic goals — whether you wish to get rid of facial lines, crows feet or simple pump up.

Your ESTEVIP specialist begins by taking a small sample of cells from behind you ear and employing the Fibrocell process to create new, pure cells called fibrolasts. These are injected back into the skin of problem areas. The fibroblasts helps the skin rebuild its own collagen to maintain structure, strengthen elastin to reinforce tightness and hyaluronic acid for thickness.

After Fibrocell Treatment

Results of Fibrocell will not appear instantly. It may take from three to six months to see the final results. However, because these results are created by your own body they can last much longer than traditional fillers.

General risks of Fibrocell

Due to their proliferative nature, fibroblasts can cause uncontrolled cell growth and/or tumor formation.

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