With FUE method and micro motor technique the graft will be take one by one and transplanted in the empty area of eyebrow. For eyebrow transplantation the hair can be took from body’s different part, from the underarm, genital area, from arms and legs or from the back of the head.

The transplantation in the eyebrow area ifvery different. Because the shape and nature of the eyebrow is different form a person to an other. Start near from the nose and goes to the direction of the ears. That should be done by a professional and expert quip.

If you want to change the shape of your eyebrow or make it thicker that is possible with eyebrow transplantation. This was the famous chosen method forthe last years. They are the sign of your look, eyes and face.

Eyebrow transplantation is the mostinitiative hair transplantation with positive results. The transplanted eyebrowwith FUE Method and done with expert hands the eyebrow will be so natural thatno one can make the difference. The wont be no scar left on the donor area, and the token hair number will be between 250 and 1000 hair. You inform us about the shape you want and we make it natural for you.

After performing the transplantation and after a while your eyebrow will get longer you can use a scissor to cut them or make them shorter.

Eyebrow transplantation is hurtles, done with a local anesthesia. There will be no bruises and it a short surgery last between 3-4 hours. After 3 days you will get a small bandage during 1 week after the surgery there will besmall redness that will disappear. On the 7th day after taking off the made bandage you will have natural look. In your everyday life you can have eyebrow transplantation during 1-2 hours. And you will get a natural look eyebrow just after 1-2months.

Now it is easy to have a beautiful look..

In ADEM & HAVVA Hair Transplantationand Aesthetics Center you will find answers to your question…

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