Now a days a lot of women also suffering from hair loss. Disease of the century the stress, hormone imbalance, menstrual irregularity, pregnancy, malnutrition, deficiency of iron, wrong cosmetic product use and hair dye, menopause , seasonal transitions and more or less thyroid gland , as a result of the common problem which cause hair loss for women.
Comparing to men with women hair loss the ratio of MPHL is 80% while FPHL is 60%.
Women have 3 different type of hair loss:
1. Front line of top of the head goes back with 1 or 2 cm
2. Hair loss on the top of the hair (men hair loss type)
3. All the hair root become visible (women hair loss type)

For women hair loss, breaking and dilution, we are advising to our patient mesotherapy , ozone therapy or PRP cures to recover healthy hair and same look of previous natural hair. But if it in late stage, hair transplantation is permanent solution.

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