Hair Transplantation for Women

The hair loss for men more socially acceptable and in accordance with current societal standards c_2-300x203expected even while not tolerant of women who suffer from mild hair, in fact, is put a stain on the largest women who are fighting against hair loss

Breaking societal and industrial model “to meet men,” launched on his private practice with a program dedicated to hair transplantation  for women

With advances in non-surgical treatments for hair loss and hair restoration techniques, women today have more options for the treatment of hair loss than in the past, the evolution of technology  women have taken to get a proper diagnosis to determine the cause of hair loss and who have a good donor area and that make them excellent candidates for a hair transplant

However, it is important for female patients in order to restore their hair to understand that surgical restrictions depends on the loss and the need to work on the aesthetic areas

Although most commonly associated with the loss of men, style, women who come with “M” pattern hair loss at the front line and the corners of the filters are good for the process

Hair transplant is a way to improve the aesthetic appearance and density in areas where there is a loss, but to hide the scars of other cosmetic procedures such as brow lift .

We will describe each step of the operation, and will protect and respect your privacy. We know that the sense of painful hair loss for women, so we are ready to help

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