If you already decided hair transplantation in ADEM & HAVVA Hair Transplantation and Aesthetics Center, our professional team will be with you and inform you with all stage of operation until discharged of hospital. After your hair analyses and physical evaluation  we will present you the report with baldness proportion, your hair suitable for transplantation or not, if it is suitable how procedures will be continue and how you will look like after transplantation. We advise you to share your sickness history, chronic illnessor medication with our doctors during the consultation

Before Hair Transplantation

Minimum 3 days,maximum 1 week before the hair transplantation surgery you should have to stayaway from alcohol and reduce smoking, taking aspirine or its derivatives, anymedicine or lotion for hair loss.  Before surgery we will ask you to make Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C and AIDS test. And also don’t cut or dye your.

During Hair Transplantation

Take a shower before coming to the surgery. While coming to the surgery try to wear casual and comfortable clothes with, button, zip so it will be easy for you to take them off and wear them after the surgery. Have a good breakfast free of caffeine. Do not use gel or spray on your hair, stop using wigs or hair replacement if you have.

Our expert will draw line to your head to show you the places they will transplant hairs according to your face natural shape. After drawing that you like and go with your face and we will brief you shortly about surgery plan, the surgeon disinfects the area and they start.

Starting by making the local anesthesia to the donor area, there will be minimal degree of pain and feel uncomfortable first but then you won’t feel anything until the end ofthe surgery.

Before starting the surgery the hair will be cut to a 1mm length, from this moment we start the FUE method and with the micro motor with start to take the graft out one by one,the roots extracted from the head will be putted in a special solution preparedin Petri dishes. We take out grafts as much as needed, and according to that the channels will be opened by micro tools, your hair will be transplanted one by one by expert hands. The technique of opening the channel and transplanting hair is will be made by professional equip and experts.

The drawing line should be natural and so the look of your hair that no one will be able to noticed or make difference, because it is your right to have a hair, and to beat peace with your mirror, or use a comb, to have your self confidence back. With hair person looks younger and the men’s important accessory is the hair.  And all those can become possible with hair transplantation.

After Hair Transplantation

After hair transplantation surgery doctor will inform you about that number of the transplanted hair. The transplanted hair and area from where the hair was taken should be protected. You should be careful to not hit or stump the transplanted area to hard surfaces for 1-2 weeks. And after the transplantation you should be aware from work out hardly, swimming pool, beach, and excessivesun as well.

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