Orthodontic tooth and jaw disorders, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Çapraşıklıkların teeth as they lose a significant aesthetic correction, oral and dental health also contributes to many.

Early assessment and timely detection of problems and also provides the opportunity for the most effective treatment. For this reason, your child before the age of 7 I have for you to have your orthodontic examination directions. If you are an orthodontic problem, gözlemlenirse, orthodontist for treatment at the appropriate time belirleyecektir.Günümüzde many adult orthodontic treatments are applied. The orthodontic treatment in adults, children, the treatment difference appears as longer duration of treatment. Treatment process, the orthodontic treatment in adults as a result of uzasa promising results have been obtained.
Orthodontic treatment time will vary according to the age of the patient cases, closing the degree of disorder, the patient’s oral care, treatment compliance may change between the 6 months to 36 months.

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