What are Dentures?


People between the coating, called prostheses or dentures esthetic disturbances in the elimination of various reasons, or to replace lost teeth, the person chewing, speech functions of the artificial teeth are to be made​​.
Bruises in the mouth, teeth and the teeth caused by excessive harabiyete have had the result that the solid filler is not possible to recover on behalf of the main non-porcelain veneer is one of the principal applications.


Zirconium is supported porcelain?
Zirconium-backed porcelain veneers, white in color instead of the infrastructure of the metal zirconium, Alloy used in prosthetic devices.

Porcelain veneers are the advantages of zirconium supported?
Zirconium coatings,

aesthetic look, and very close to natural teeth.
More aesthetic than metal-backed coating.
Reflecting light.
Infrastructure as a white colored alloy is used, a dark line does not occur gum level.
100% compatible with the human body. Does not show an allergic reaction.


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