When we describe our hair we always say if it’s curly or straight, thick or thin hair, oily or dry, weak or strong. However our hair has other specifics except the one mentioned that we don’t know about. And sometimes they are the reason for our hair fall the quality of hair follicles, hair density, and elastic condition of the hair; examine the pores and skin texture. When analyzing your hair you should take in consideration all those details so you’ll get right and exact results. Hair transplantation, PRP, hair mesotherapy, hair ozone therapy, for example before the hair oxygen treatment, you make an analyze of hair fall type, the degree of hair fall, hair density, thickness of the hair, anagen, catagen, telogen stages hair ratio values is a direct impact on the measurement results .It is important for the patient to undergo this type of analysis methods and treatment to increase the efficiency. In some case in the hair analyses result it show a non visible skin disease (seborrhea dermatitis, nacre, keloid ext.) first should be treated by a dermatologist, then you should treat the hair fall or hair transplantation . This is a very important step in such diseases. For example, the skin is scaly spills observed in advanced of keloid. If you implant hair in this case of disease without treatment the result of the transplanted hair will fail. In this case of disease it is important to get a PRP, Mesotherapy, Ozone therapy, oxgygen therapy, special shampoo and medicine. With the medical treatment and the therapies the results will be better. In ADEM & HAVVA Hair Transplantation and Aesthetic Center, everything has been thought about to take care and give the best medicine to your hair and hair skin health. Your hair will be analyses by a dermatologist, aesthetician, and medical surgeon. Our expert will give you all the information you need to know about after analyzing your hair. If you don’t need a hair transplantation or you need a PRP, mesotherapy, ozone therapy, oxygen therapy or medicine our expert will follow your case and advice with what is the best for you.

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